Before I even start to say anything about this question, I want to define first the word perseverance. What does perseverance mean?

According to my Merriam Webster English dictionary perseverance defined as the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult.

Now if you allow me to I would modify the question above as following: How to prove that perseverance contributes to success?

We have read many articles, listened to all kind of audios and watched different types of videos that have given instructions on how to achieve success in life; but it’s very seldom to find some of them giving instructions on how perseverance is one of the essential points contributes to success.

According to my point of view perseverance is the source and the engine generating success in someone’s life. I know by experiences that our action is a result of our thought; not all kind of thoughts; those which our subconscious accumulates the most. It means that when a thought becomes a habit in our subconscious mind; our subconscious duty is to transform that usual thought into actions or experiences in our life.

What I discovered from all of these is this is this little phenomena; where everything starts from a simple idea or a simple thought, then goes to our subconscious mind and finally transformed by our subconscious into actions or experiences in our physical life. All of these procedures is nothing else than perseverance.

Perseverance doesn’t start after you have taken an action, when you didn’t get the result expected then you try and try till you get it. No! Perseverance is the basic key to success.

I discovered that perseverance starts at the beginning before you even started your first action.

From that discovery I define Perseverance as the engine of all thoughts accumulated in our mind and transformed by your subconscious into actions or experiences in our life.

The bottom line is: the same way you need to take actions to achieve success in life it’s the same way perseverance is the root of all actions lead to success started from a single idea which transformed into a habit in your subconscious mind then into actions or experiences.