Why can’t you still be successful in life despise of all your studies, all your researches, all the courses you have attended, all the webinars you have attended, all the training and finally despise of all the your high level of education?

Why? Why are you still struggling to success? Don’t you want to know why?

Perhaps you are like one of these people who would answer me that way: “well, I see that I’m still not being able to achieve my goal, to succeed in life despise of all my efforts, all my sacrifices, then I’m tired. I don’t know what else to do.

The same I used to tell others I would tell you” Relax”. Stay with me I’m going to show you the path to be a highly successful person in life.

 I have met many people like you. Some of them speak like this: How could you be successful in a poor country like this? Many of them said: “we are suffering; the misery of our country is a governmental problem.” Others said: “it’s impossible to be successful with all these bad companies we have as friends; we need to drop off some bad friends.” They even go farther saying that:” there is no way that they can achieve success in life according to them, they realize there is an invisible power or an invisible hand against them holding them back, they can’t be successful.”

Those are the kind of sentences related to me by most of the failed people I met in life. This is how they think.

But you don’t think that way; a simple positive attitude everyday is enough to lead you to success and to overcome all these negative thoughts.

Here is the path to success.  Remain positive in thoughts and in actions. When you are positive in thoughts and in actions you are highly protected against all kind of negative power or negative ideas. You don’t need to drop off any negative friends. Remain positive; if they can’t be influenced by you they would rather move away from you themselves.

If you are in that situation where you realize that you can’t achieve your goals in life, despise of all your efforts or your high level of education.

Here is what your problem could be: A combination of quality with quantity; these two concepts are not combinable if you wish to achieve success in life.

It’s highly difficult to provide a good quality of result when you embrace too many things at the same time in life. Knowledge, skills, and high level of education are good things; but whenever you get overwhelmed your success is in a downfall position in life.

Instead of doing many things at once to get plenty done; you better do one thing at a time. This is how you will achieve success and your result will be in a good quality even if it’s few.

That is the path to success: one step at a time, remain focus and positive. Don’t combine quality with quantity; instead combine this path to success with the instructions of the following video.