Hi there, this is Junior Fortune. We all know that and it’s not something we are inventing; there are people out there that lose all hope and are sad too. How could we help these people?

Well, I know that helping someone is increasing his strength where he is weak. Either by words or providing him things he’s lack of. It could be lot more difficult to help a physical challenge person by words than a normal one who just lost all hope and sad, but both are possible to get helped.

First thing first to help someone in this kind of situation you need to start working on his mindset. By encourage him, telling him about his strength, showing him all possibility he has to create opportunity for himself; to get what he needs in life, to make a changing in his life.

People who lost all hope need to be taught about faith, need to be helped on how to make a difference between their wants and their needs; once these two steps are clear for them they’ll start to have a direction in life, something to work on, and a goal in life. And finally that goal will generate in them a spirit of determination to accomplish something in their life; from there those people will start having hope.

And for the sadness part, the best way to avoid being sad is to go out. When you go out you meet all kind of people where there are interactions of all kind of vibes which impact your feeling through what you hear, see and who you meet. It’s very hard for someone to stay sad when he is not alone. 

The bottom line

To avoid losing all hope and sad in life: What you need to do is to have a goal, a plan, to have something to work on in life. Avoid staying in one place all the time; don’t just sit down from day to night every day, look for opportunity like this you’ll have the habits of a successful person.