Why Love family and friends is so important?

Hi there my name is Junior Fortune just to introduce myself.

I believe love family and friends is so important in life. Why do i believe that?

Before I tell you why I believe that love family  and friends is so important let me ask you this question: how would your life be if you had no friends and family around you?

Wouldn’t you feel that you are like an abandoned? Or like a fool in the street going everywhere and nowhere without having a specific reason to live? i think you would feel like you are one of the most miserable persons in the world by living on your own.

So let me ask you this, what is the purpose of life? You are alive to live right? While you are living you have to grow in all criteria, to help yourself and helping others vice a versa. How would you meet this great expectation of life if you don’t love others?

You will never feel comfortable around someone you don’t love; see if you would help him.

So love family and friends is very important in life because it makes your life easier to accomplish things and faster. It gives you a purpose to live and keeps you happy in life with family and friends around you.

watch this video to see how much happiness love family and friends can bring in your life.