Hi there,

Welcome, today I am going to share to you the five principal steps which will lead you to happiness and allow you to remain positive all the time in life.

I was interviewed by my mentor David Bunney, and this question below was the question he asked me. i made the discovery of these five principal steps guide at the end of my answer which you will learn now.


How can other have a positive attitude just like you and being happy all the time?

Well, I would be glad and so proud of myself if I could explain the strategy of being positive and happy all the time in life; I must have been a mentor. Unfortunately I’m not.

As far as I know, precisely about myself I can say that I am blessed, because I find myself a smiling person and that keeps me positive and happy. If there is something I’d love to say about having a positive attitude and being happy in life  it would be:

  • Firstly, prioritize love in everything you doing. Act with love so that you can benefit the positive vibes of all reaction.
  • Secondly, if you doing something whatsoever it is don’t do it in a spirit to compete with others so that you don’t feel bad and don’t turn to judge yourself when you don’t get the result expected at the first try. 
  • Thirdly if you could humble yourself; urge yourself to look others higher or greater than you; that will keep you in peace with everyone and strong within you.
  •  Fourthly be friendly and approachable. The main purpose of friendship is solidarity in life where you receive and give support to others.
  • Fifthly be helpful whenever it’s possible for you to help.  Helping others is the best part of life to keep you happy ; why because when you help someone you make him happy the fact of making that person happy makes you happy too. As your intention is to help when you act you act in a positive way which keeps you positive all the time in life.

                        That was the  5 five principal steps guide for you to practice in life to be positive and happy all the time.