Where else can you find happiness apart from love family and friends?

 As we all know that happiness is a great emotion generated within you after experienced a great satisfaction of joy, mostly from the external world which is connected with your five senses.

I believe that emotions take place after events we experienced. This is the reason why most people look for happiness from the external world where there is love, laughs and positive interactions.

That is something which is a little bit weird; happiness is a great positive emotion within you; why is it come from mostly outside? Isn’t there another place to create it for yourself?

Sure, the visualization by practicing the meditation you can create the happiness from the internal for your life.

By example you can make a great imagination trip by visualization. Let say that you wanted to go on a great cruise and you don’t have money or  the time to make it happen. 

You may simply choose a place where you feel comfortable alone. Urge yourself to be there at a sunrise time early in the morning. Sit or lay down, close your eyes start visualizing yourself.

Booking a cruise for a full week, the moment time is now. You got your bag packed already. You went to the airport, took a flight to the ship terminal. Went through the check in and got your home key. Got your bag sent already to your room.

Start seeing yourself boarding that beautiful luxury big ship where most all places around the ship look like diamond.  You are meeting with the sailors with great smile on their face welcoming you for boarding the ship; they are like: WELCOME ON BOARD! They make you feel very special. Best part about it is when the ship is in the middle of the ocean you see the sunrise so beautiful coming up from the other end of the ocean.

You are contemplating the ocean so beautiful and calm there is no other thing than the ship in the ocean.  All you see is a very vast ocean flat without end in front of you with a nice breeze hitting your skin.

You feel having the greatest peace ever with yourself and with all the nature; what can make you feel better than that? All you feel like to do is to be thankful manifesting your gratefulness to the nature, to the universe for having such a great feeling after all it’s a lot of happiness for you.

 Whenever you want to increase your happiness, sometimes the best thing you can do is sit still, breath in and out, and get to know the depths of yourself where true happiness resides