What can keep someone positive in life?

First of all, to discover what can keep someone positive in life we need to find out first what does it mean being a positive person?

I believe a positive person is someone who is always looking for the fair part of all situation, all circumstances, he involves in or he is observing. And as well he is an open-minded person who doesn’t tolerate a partisanship spirit.

A positive person is a happiness seeker, a happiness creator. As we all know that happiness is a very important thing in life, to remain positive in life you must be a happy person.

Let say that someone who is working at a place where he loves his boss, loves the job he’s doing and getting well with all his colleagues. For sure you will always see that person with a smile on his face at his work station. Why? Because he feels good there, he receives good vibes in that environment; he will most of the time tempt to anticipate things to help others around him making them feeling good.

A positive person is someone who always thinks to find a way to make things done faster and easier for the benefit of others. He has a strong communication skill; why? Because he loves to talk, loves to ask question to be a better cooperator when he understand the other party.

But a negative person most of the time trying to escape things, avoid engagement with people, looking down and always has something wrong with something or with someone’s else he doesn’t like. These kinds of people play the role of a mind reader instead of asking question to understand the other party they prefer to judge the situation and act to defense, to protect, to blame or to justify a situation but not to corporate.

Negative people suffer a lot why? They don’t trust people, they don’t talk to people, they don’t help people; as we know due to the great law of the nature what you put out it’s what you will get back. This is the exact thing which happens to these people.

They love less they receive less love; they get fewer friends, they receive less help from others. They criticize more that’s what they get back in abundance.

The bottom line is:

The positive people remain positive because they are good communicators, good helpers, good cooperators; they embrace things and ideas with love which builds in them the trust for others and for themselves.

 Their love for others gives them the ability to trust others by following their instinct. Their instinct allows them to make the difference between the good vibes and the bad ones.


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