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In this page you’ ll learn about his secret of being HAPPY and staying POSITIVE all the time.

And as well how his trust and self-confident open him the door of being able to teach himself English till he got his first cruise line job.


How does Junior stay positive and happy and not just feel sorry for himself?

Junior related the story of his life as follows:

Hi there, this is Junior Fortune

Happiness is one of my favorite subjects. I wish I’d have more time to talk about it. How could someone like me stay happy and not feel sorry for himself? The reason is simple; it’s all about a practical happiness secret that I was taught by my mother in my childhood. What is that happiness secret?

First of all I got influenced by my parents. In the family I grew up, my father has been always jobless, but sometimes he gives his assistance to other people for couple hours or sometimes for couple days to get some cash. Apart from that nothing more; he loves talking to people; i can say that he is someone with the words to laugh. When he talks to people he makes them feel good, that is his passion, he is always in a good mood.

And then smarter than him there is none, except in electronic stuffs apart from that he’s someone who is ready to put his hands on  everything you’re doing to do it too. There is a saying which goes “Monkey SEE MONKEY DO” for me this saying is exactly for him. Once you do something in front of him he learns it immediately. He built his own house, making coffins, wooden furniture’s and so on, he is an amazing guy in this case.  I couldn’t know what was holding him back from not getting a nice job or to have a good business.

My mother on her side working so hard till now. Her habit is to wake up early every day except on Sunday, from three AM to eleven or 12 PM going to the public market buying baskets of fruits like tomatoes, avocados, oranges etc whatsoever possible she finds to buy. Then  she lots them by 5, 6 on a table to resell. This is how she takes care of the whole family. Two adults and four children, included herself.

The secret of my happiness is that, they taught us obedience,they taught us to learn how to be satisfied with what we have, never complaining about the lack of something. And the best key of that secret is giving value to other people, respect them and always offer to share what we have with others.

Till now my mom’s biggest challenge is to see herself drinking even a coca cola on her own. She always wants to share something she has. That makes her feel good and happy when she shares something she has  with someone else.

Having a father like mine with the passion of making people feeling good when he talks to them plus my mother who loves to share even if she is not rich; i think it’s a combination of the goodness and the generosity of these two people which creates in me the attitude of being happy and positive in life which actually makes of me a positive thinker who wants to inspire the world on positive attitude for any kind of success they wish to achieve in their life.

This is where I got influenced which gives me the attitude of being a positive person and staying happy in life all the time. This is more than gold what I received from my parents.

Would you ever believe how important it is for you to have the quality to love others around you? This quality creates trust among you and where there is trust there is easy life and on top of that  it’s easier to achieve your goals to see SUCCESS in your environment.

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