My biggest challenges being born and growing up in Haiti?


Hi there,  Junior Fortune here.

I believe is something very important telling your life story to others especially when you have supported testimonials to encourage them; when they are dealing with anxious situations in life. It’s not something I really like to do, but I believe it’s a good thing.

Challenges, is the story of my life. In order to make a long story short let me start that way. I wasn’t supposed to be born. When my mother realized that she was pregnant of me she was about to feel sorry for herself.

My father who is a jobless, had more than four women taking care of him and they have their own house. I don’t know why it’s like that, the voodoo priests always have more than one wife and worse about it they compete among themselves to be seen as the best woman to take care of him. My father practiced the polygamy. My mother as a homeless had broken up with him couple months after the birth of my elder sister.  5 years later she decided to come back to reconcile herself with him in order to find a place to live.

There, she got pregnant of me for him. Knowing not how she would do to take care of 2 children she was trying to take all kind of medications to see if she could have an abortion of me; unfortunately nothing worked for her.

My heavenly Father wanted me to be born, when my time came while she was in a kitchen cooking I fell down and stay alive. That was my first and biggest challenge being born.