RENEWING YOUR MIND Surest Path To Success.

What do you understand by a renewed mind?

Your mind is the ultimate place where your thoughts go around. Believe me or not you have no other directions in life than where your thoughts direct you to. This is the reason it’s said: “in life, a man becomes what is thinking of.” That’s been said: “A man’s lifestyle whatever he might be a poor man, a rich man, or one who might be struggling to achieve something in life. His actual state is nothing else than a manifestation or a reflection of his habitual thinking. .

How to renew your mind?
I asked this question one day to my nephew. He looked at me straight to the eyes and said: “Uncle that is something impossible, there is no way someone can renew his mind after he was born. A mind is something natural we were born with it. All I know someone can change his mind by giving up something for something else or an idea for another idea.

I smiled at him, and then I said:” do you know that it’s not impossible for someone to be born again because Jesus declared to Nicodemus a man must be born again to see the Kingdom of God.” He said:” yes but Nicodemus couldn’t understand Jesus.” I said:” you are right, maybe you are now at the same level of understanding as Nicodemus was that time.

Listen to this, renewing your mind is not as simple as changing your mind. Like, let’s do this instead of that and then later on we still have an opportunity to change it again. No

 Renewing your mind is stronger and deeper than that. Here is what it said in the Bible: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is, his good, pleasing, and perfect will.

Renewing your mind is adopting a spiritual transformation, like a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly. The butterfly is a new nature, a new state of the caterpillar. It’s a perfect new living being, an upgraded animal. So renew your mind is getting an internal transformation by adopting a new way of thinking and getting a new direction in life.

This is how you will become a new type of person in life. Your way of thinking will be different so will your feelings, so will your perceptions and emotions, so will your actions and so will your results.

In all categories in life what you are now is a result of your thoughts. Now if you want to be something else or someone else in life all you have to do is to renew your mind. By adopting another habitual way of thinking which will be your new direction in life.

Now the question is: How to adopt another way of thinking to direct ourselves to success, happiness, wealth, or abundance in life? Honestly speaking I can tell you it’s easy to say by many people out there: just change your thinking and you will get new results in life. But believe me, it’s not easy to do and not too difficult to achieve; it’s not magic but it’s a discipline to adopt; just focus

If you are really interested in renewing your mind, to become the exact person you want to be in life; you will need to learn how to think a certain way by training your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is your ultimate power working like an engine. Its role is to accept your habitual thought patterns and use them to manifest your desires either positive or negative depending on your thought patterns.

Your mind works for you and against you every day in life. So it’s time to learn how to keep it working only for you.

Renewing your mind is training your subconscious mind, which is mastering your mind. If you can’t wait to change your life and willing to learn how to master your mind I recommend you to join our newsletter today download the bonus eBook we are giving away and we will let you know what to do next. 

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